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Michigan State University Crimes

Your experiences as a college student present an opportunity to learn about life and the world, meet new people, and make choices that set you on a course for future achievement and prosperity. Some decisions, however, come with consequences that can interrupt your college plans and have a potentially harmful effect on your life after college.

A first DUI offense has penalties that include fines, community service, and potentially an entire semester of jail time. Further offenses carry progressively more severe consequences. If you haven't yet received your college acceptance, your admission could be at risk. If you're enrolled, you could face expulsion.

If you have a DUI charge, you need experienced legal representation to defend your case. Attorney Patrick O'Keefe is a Lansing DUI attorney who will fight on your behalf to secure the best possible outcome in your case. Don't put your future at risk. Call DUI attorney Patrick O'Keefe at 517-273-0420 to schedule a free case review.

Repercussions on Your College Applications

Students awaiting acceptance to a college or university can be disqualified for admission if convicted of operating while intoxicated (OWI) or minor in possession (MIP) charges. Since the majority of colleges and universities run background checks on prospective students, a drug or alcohol conviction will appear on your record. Schools with strict admissions policies may reject your application on that basis.

Students enrolled in a university or college who are found guilty of DUI can be suspended or even expelled from school. The majority of universities and colleges require strict adherence to codes of conduct by their students. Drunk or drugged driving charges and a conviction are a violation of most school policies.

If you are a student at Michigan State University facing OWI or drugged driving charges, you need a skilled Lansing DUI attorney such as Patrick O'Keefe defending your case. Call Mr. O'Keefe to discuss your situation and learn about the best options for handling your case.

DUI Convictions and Your Future Education Prospects

Expulsion from or denial of admittance to a college or university due to an OWI could have additional consequences on your future employment prospects. Just like colleges, most employers run background checks against candidates. A drunk driving conviction could render you ineligible for many jobs for which you would otherwise be qualified.

Even the interviewing process becomes more demanding due to inevitable questions about your expulsion, college admission denial, or DUI conviction. Finding work in a competitive workplace is hard enough without consequential choices further hindering your employment prospects.

Contact Lansing DUI lawyer Patrick O'Keefe today to defend your case. Call 517-273-0420 to schedule an appointment to review your case in confidence. Michigan State University students can take advantage of this resource in Student Legal Services to get general legal information and advice. However, if you are facing a DUI charge, you want a skilled DUI lawyer like Patrick O'Keefe with a record of securing the best possible outcome for clients.

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