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For example, in some areas of the country, felons are not allowed to purchase firearms, serve on juries, or work in certain professions.

If you're currently facing a felony charge, you may be facing severe jail time or financial repercussions. At O'Keefe Law, our team of legal experts can help you fight almost any felony charge.

We have vast experience dealing with complex felony cases. Below we'll explore the types of felony charges that we often assist with:

White Collar Crime

White collar crime can include a variety of different fraud or embezzlement charges. You can face many of these charges at both a state and federal level. In recent years, prosecuting white collar crime has become high-profile for many district attorneys, so it's essential to protect your reputation and freedom using a top criminal defense team!

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes can result in severe consequences if you face charges against you at a felony level. If you’re accused of assault or battery, you may face significant jail time or probation for your offense.

Certain forms of assault, such as domestic abuse, may result in even harsher prison sentences.

Michigan State Felony Assault

Felony assault is a serious crime and facing an assault charge for threatening or physically harming another person carries life-altering consequences, especially for Michigan State University students.


Certain DUI cases may result in felony charges. It's essential to contact a lawyer as quickly as possible if you've been accused of driving under the influence. Correctly approaching these criminal charges is vital if you want to avoid a felony DUI charge.


Theft can often become a felony if you've stolen goods of a minimum monetary value. Also, if you are a repeat offender, there's a higher chance that a felony charge may be brought against you.

Drug Charges

While some drug trafficking charges are brought against individuals in federal courts, drug possession and distribution charges are often a state level charge. If you face drug crime allegations, you may find yourself facing a multi-year prison sentence.

It's essential to contact a legal representative immediately if you are facing drug crime allegations.

Sexual Crimes

Sexual crimes are not only severe, but they can also result in other lifelong consequences. If you receive a sexual felony conviction, you will need to register for the sex offender registry.

This can prevent you from obtaining employment or living in certain areas. If you want to protect your future, using an experienced attorney to fight sexual crime allegations is a necessity.

Act Fast - It Could Save You from a Jail Sentence

Many people make the mistake of waiting too long before contacting a lawyer. As soon as you believe you face investigation for a felony charge, it's essential to seek representation. A lawyer can help you prevent self-incrimination or actions that may result in an incorrect guilty verdict.

Our team of attorneys has considerable trial experience. We know how to fight complicated felony charges in both state and federal courts. If you need to speak with an attorney about your case, get in contact with a criminal defense attorney at O'Keefe Law today!

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