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Criminal Defense Attorney in Hillsdale County

Have you been accused of a crime in Hillsdale County, Michigan? If so, you're probably worried you may end up in jail or with a criminal record. Unfortunately, many Hillsdale County residents accused of crimes end up in jail, even if they're innocent.

Overzealous prosecutors will do anything to win a conviction. You shouldn't expect the justice system to work in your favor just because you're innocent. It's always important to use a criminal defense attorney that has considerable experience practicing law in your area.

At O'Keefe Law, we have expertise across a broad range of legal fields. Let's check out some of our specialties in Hillsdale County:

DUI Defense

You need an experienced DUI attorney if you are facing an OUIL or DUI. A first-time offense can land you with significant fines, community service, and up to 93 days in jail. A third-time offense may even result in five years in prison.

Get in touch with us today before you incriminate yourself or end up with a sentence that you can't afford.

Sex Crimes

Many sex crimes can put you on the sex offenders list, but we can fight to get you removed.

Offenders on the Registry may get blocked from certain types of employment. It may even bar you from living in designated areas. Worst of all, anyone can look up the details of your alleged crime and make judgments on your character.

While rape, child abuse, internet sex crimes, and sexual assault are the more severe crimes, minor offenses can impact your life as well. If you want to avoid the registry and potential jail time, it's essential to evade a conviction at all costs. Speak to a lawyer at our law firm to discuss your case if you're worried about a sex crime conviction.

Drug Crimes

While most of the country takes a more liberal approach to basic drug crimes, there are still specific charges that can land you in dangerous waters. Marijuana misdemeanor charges typically only result in a light sentence or fine, but more significant crimes can lead to multiple years in jail. Possession, trafficking, and distribution all carry substantial consequences.

For example, if you're caught trafficking large amounts of heroin or methamphetamine, you may end up with a life sentence. You could face drug crime charges in both state and federal court. Prescription drug charges are also hard to escape; prosecutors are being pressured to help stop the opioid epidemic, resulting in strong allegations against individuals who have involved themselves in prescription drug fraud or possession.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a crime that is damaging to both your record and your reputation. Living in a small area like Hillsdale County means that word travels quickly; you won't be able to escape the rumors if accused of domestic violence.

Worst of all, the burden of proof for minor domestic violence crimes is extremely low, meaning that it's not hard for a prosecutor to get a conviction in court. If you want to clear your name and avoid prison, you need an attorney that has experience handling these types of cases.

Violent Crimes

Murder, assault and battery, kidnapping, armed robbery, GBH, and a range of other violent crimes are extremely serious. Many of these charges are considered severe crimes, which means that you can face up to a lifetime in prison if you are convicted. Even minor assaults can result in multi-year prison sentences.

Violent crime cases can be extremely emotional and complex, but your O’Keefe Law attorney can help you understand your options and build a strong defense.

O'Keefe Law: Where Success Counts - Criminal Defense Attorney

There's only one thing that matters in the courtroom: winning. Using public attorneys or inexperienced criminal defense attorney can result in a loss, potentially destroying your life. At O'Keefe Law, we put our clients first.

Our head attorney, Patrick O'Keefe, has years of experience fighting high-profile cases at both a local and federal level. His previous experience as a prosecutor gives him a substantial advantage when fighting cases in court. He knows all the complicated tricks that prosecutors employ to win cases.

If you want a team that will fight endlessly for your freedom, look no further than here. We work with both juvenile and adult clients.

About Hillsdale County

Hillsdale County is a small county in the south of Michigan, currently playing home to 50,000 residents. The county is serviced by the Hillsdale Municipal Airport and is famous for being part of the North Country Trail - a 4,000-mile nature trail that runs through the region.

Hillsdale, Reading, Litchfield, and Jonesville are the largest cities in the county. The Hillsdale County Courthouse is in the center of Hillsdale. If you'd like to find more information on the county and its courthouse, you can head directly to its website here.

To speak with a Hillsdale County lawyer about a felony or misdemeanor charge, get in touch with O'Keefe Law today!

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