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MSU Felony Assault Defense Attorney

Felony assault is a serious crime and facing an assault charge for threatening or physically harming another person carries life-altering consequences. Felony assault defense lawyer Patrick O’Keefe defends assault cases for residents in Lansing, Michigan, including Michigan State University students.

A felony assault charge in the State of Michigan applies in cases where an individual threatens another person with physical harm or physically assaults the person. There are various permutations of the law, but if someone feels threatened by another individual, the person making threats can be arrested and charged with felony assault.

Whether you are pointing a gun or a knife at someone or threatening an individual with a blunt instrument like a pipe, you could face felony assault charges for engaging in threatening behavior against another person.

Battery is the unlawful use of force against another individual using your body or another object. The definition of battery is relatively broad and includes unwanted or offensive touching as well as inflicting physical harm on another person.

Attorney Patrick O’Keefe defends clients facing charges of felony assault, assault and battery, or domestic violence – the last of which is by definition assault and battery against a household member or one with whom you have an intimate relationship. Call felony assault defense lawyer Patrick O’Keefe at 517-200-3397 to schedule a confidential, free consultation to review your case.

Felony Assault vs. Simple Assault

The State of Michigan aggressively prosecutes felony assault cases. Felony assault includes assault with a deadly weapon like a gun, knife, or another object capable of delivering deadly force. Bar fights, scuffles at sporting events, or other threatening behavior can result in felony assault charges for someone brandishing a weapon.

Simple assault is making intentional threats or causing injury to another person where no weapon is involved, and typically has less severe consequences. These crimes are often classified as misdemeanors with a relatively small fine. However, felony assault charges can carry significant jail time and penalties, as well as putting a felony conviction on your record.

Don’t let a felony assault charge destroy your family life, your employment prospects, or your reputation. Contact felony assault defense lawyer Patrick O’Keefe today at 517-200-3397 to discuss your case.

Proven Results for Clients with our Felony Assault Defense Lawyer

Defense attorney Patrick O’Keefe has produced results for his clients in cases including felony assault, assault and battery, and other types of serious charges. Student Legal Services can help in many cases for MSU attendees, but you may need the skills of an experienced criminal defense attorney to acquit you and clear your name.

Patrick O’Keefe can assist you by thoroughly investigating your case beyond the police report. Mr. O’Keefe will engage witnesses and talk to the alleged victim to gain a thorough understanding of the facts in your case from all perspectives. As a Michigan felony assault defense lawyer, Patrick O’Keefe works diligently on his clients’ behalf to obtain the best possible outcome in their case.

Call attorney Patrick O’Keefe today at 517-200-3397 to schedule a free consultation to review your case in confidence with a skilled Lansing criminal defense lawyer.

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