In Michigan, if you are convicted of a felony, it can have devastating consequences, including jail or prison time, loss of employment, along with just plain shame and embarrassment.

Recently, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that Michigan’s Sentencing Guidelines—which used to be mandatory—are now optional.  This means the judge handling your case could sentence you well above—or well below—the sentencing guidelines range calculated by the Michigan Department of Corrections.  Although the sentencing guidelines score remain a highly relevant factor to be considered in sentencing, the judge is still not required to follow them.  Moreover, the judge is not required to give a good reason if he or she decides to go OVER the sentencing guidelines and give you more time.

Attorney Patrick O’Keefe has handled a number of felony appellate cases where the trial attorneys had failed to make objections, file motions, research complicated issues, or effectively consult with the client on the best legal strategies.