Serving Survivors

With recent popular movements (eg, Me Too, Time’s Up), there is rising public awareness of sexual harassment and assault. Sexual abuse knows no bounds in those it affects: females, males, children, old, young, disabled. The impact is often devastating, and in many cases kept silenced.

When I served survivors as an assistant prosecutor, I earned my reputation as an honest, hard-working lawyer who took the toughest cases to trial, the so-called losing cases, without regard for the odds. I won through hard work, dedication, and an undying commitment to bring justice to the survivors. I always knew that the legal difficulties I faced in the courtroom were nothing compared to the difficulties that survivors faced every day of their lives. I made it my mission to give them their day in court, and ensure that justice was returned to them.

If you or a loved one were the victim of a sexual abuse or assault, contact Patrick William O’Keefe today to take the first steps toward being heard. Call (517) 253-0114 or fill out the contact form below to get started now.


  • “When I thought everything was going wrong, Mr. O’Keefe turned things around.”
    A client from East Lansing, February 2018
  • “Mr. O’Keefe is nothing short of brilliant.”
  • “Mr. O’Keefe truly cared about me as a client and represented me with nothing but maximum effort.”
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