Being charged with a sex crime can have life-long consequences. In addition to facing lengthy prison sentences, and sometimes even mandatory minimum sentences, having to register as a sex offender and being branded a pedophile or rapist for the rest of your life is devastating.

In my career, I have seen far too many people suffer as a result of poor legal counsel in this complex area of the law. Prosecutors and police officers receive extensive training in this area. Therefore, it is important for you to hire an attorney with extensive training in this area. It is important for you to hire an attorney who possesses inside knowledge on how these cases are handled. And it is important for you to hire an attorney who can win, who has won and is not afraid to try your case.

CSC 1ST (MCL 750.520b)

CSC 2ND (MCL 750.520)

CSC 3RD (MCL 750.520)

CSC 4TH (MCL 750.520)

Gross Indecency

Child Sexually Abusive Material

Accosting A Minor For Immoral Purposes


Case Results

Convinced a Prosecutor to decline charges of Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) on a client from Calhoun County.

Client from Ionia County acquitted on five counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC).

Client from Lansing found not guilty on 6 counts of Human Trafficking.

Client from Eaton county found not guilty of 3 counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC).

School sexual assault allegation proven false by Attorney Patrick O’Keefe – no criminal charges issued against client – client remains in school – complainant charged criminally for telephone harassment of Client.

Criminal Trial Specialists

I specialize in criminal defense and work almost exclusively in this area of the law. I have extensive trial experience with criminal sexual conduct cases that is unparalleled by my peers. If you are looking for a lawyer to aggressively defend you, a family member, or a friend in criminal proceedings, contact O’Keefe Law.
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