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Sex Crimes Appeal

Fortunately, the United States Justice System has specific appeal protections in place to help those who can prove they were wrongly convicted of a crime.

Appeals can be a long and complicated endeavor, but given how substantial the reward is, it's essential you undergo an appeal if you've been wrongly convicted. We'll explore sex crime appeals in more detail to give you a deeper understanding of the process and why you should consider an appeal.

The Benefits of an Appeal

If you're wondering whether you should appeal your conviction - the answer usually is yes. Below we'll take a quick look at some of the primary reasons it's worth attempting an appeal.

Prison and Financial Penalties

The primary reasons that most people appeal sexual crime charges are the jail sentences or monetary fines they face. If you're currently in jail, or you’ve spent a considerable amount of time in prison, it's essential to appeal your conviction if you were improperly charged with a crime.

Don't waste years of your life behind bars just because your initial conviction was incorrect. Get in touch with our team of expert criminal defense attorneys, and we can begin the process of removing you from jail via appeal.

Sex Offenders Registry

If you've committed a sex crime, you won't just end up in jail or with a hefty fine; often you'll also end up on the sex offenders registry. This period can be anywhere from 15 years to a lifetime of inclusion.

The sex offenders registry is a public domain that helps ensure that you can't obtain certain jobs or live in certain neighborhoods. It can also make for awkward conversation when someone finds out you're a convicted sex offender.


On top of the other downsides of being wrongfully convicted of sex crimes, your reputation will suffer significantly. This reality is especially true in the modern world - where people can head online and Google your name to view your convictions and related news stories.

It's not enough to declare your innocence; you have to prove it. It's essential to tackle this head-on with an experienced team of attorneys if you want to restore your image and reputation. The most reliable way to regain your good reputation is to win an appeal against your verdict.

Should I Appeal?

There are a variety of reasons that you should consider appealing your current verdict. Below we will explore some of the most common reasons people win appeal cases in Michigan courts. Remember, these are just a few examples of the many reasons you can appeal a verdict.

New Evidence

New evidence is one of the most common reasons for an appeal. In recent years, we have seen many different cases overturned because of new DNA evidence. In the past, a lack of DNA testing resulted in a large number of incorrect verdicts.

Many of those falsely accused are now free because of the testing of old samples. These tests were counted as new evidence which revealed that the charged individuals had no biological links to the crime.

If you believe there is new evidence to provide to a court, you can contact an attorney to assist you in bringing it forward.

Ineffective Counsel

If the attorney that represented you in your first trial is found to be unfit, this may be grounds to appeal your decision. In many cases, it may be found that a public defender wasn’t providing adequate legal representation. All of this lawyer's cases would then be reviewed to see if he provided ineffective counsel.

It's your right to have a fair trial - if you're not given one because of attorney error, it's essential to appeal your current verdict.

Legal Rights

As a defendant, there are many rights in place to ensure that you receive a fair trial before a court of law. It's essential that the prosecutor and the court uphold your rights throughout your case to ensure that you are not unfairly convicted.

Rights such as the right to a fair trial, the right to due process, and the right to a speedy trial can all be considered during an appeal decision. If you haven't received your legal rights throughout your case, you have substantial grounds for an appeal.

Get in Contact with O'Keefe Law Today

If you're still unsure whether you're eligible to appeal your sentencing, you should get in contact with one of our appeals attorneys today. They can consult with you on whether or not you have a solid chance of being granted an appeal.

Our team of expert attorneys is ready to take on a trial of any complexity. We've helped a wide range of clients seek freedom from false charges. Give us a call today to get the appeals process started.

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