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Solicitation Prostitution

In some areas of the country, it’s now legal to involve yourself in prostitution. Unfortunately, this is not the case in the state of Michigan. The courts in Michigan are still extremely strict on prostitution and solicitation.

If you're facing allegations of soliciting for sex, it's essential that you understand the potential risks. Solicitation and prostitution can result in a criminal record, which may cause severe problems in your ability to maintain a normal life.

Using a criminal defense attorney that has experience with sex crimes is the best way to position yourself to win your court case. If you want to avoid a lengthy prison sentence or fine, contact a lawyer as soon as you face allegations.

What Counts as Prostitution or Solicitation?

If you're wondering what counts as prostitution or solicitation, it's essential to understand the details. Below we'll explore some definitions that the Michigan authorities use to determine if you're soliciting for sex.


If you're soliciting for sex, you are someone who is offering someone else money to engage in sexual actions. This means that if you're in a restaurant, and you offer a woman a set amount of money to participate in sexual activities, you're technically engaging in solicitation.

You can be charged for solicitation without being a prostitute; it's essential to understand that it's not just the person that is receiving the money that can get in trouble with Michigan authorities.


If you're someone who is offering sexual services in exchange for money, you are engaging in prostitution. In many instances, this may include you offering someone to come to a property or home and engage in sexual activities for cash or remuneration.

In other instances, it may be the case that someone is on the road or in a public space offering sexual services in exchange for money. The same is true if someone offers sexual services from within a vehicle.

Indirect Prostitution Charges

You don't need to be soliciting for sex to be charged with a prostitution-related crime. There are many other offenses associated with prostitution that can result in charges against a third-party. In this section, we'll take a look at two other common charges we see concerning prostitution.

Leasing (Maintaining) Home or Property for Prostitution

It’s not just illegal to solicit or sell sex; it's also unlawful to maintain a home or property that facilitates prostitution. If you're involved in renting or managing a home that is used to solicit sex, you can face serious charges in the Michigan state courts.

If the police accuse you of maintaining a 'brothel' or home for sex work, you should contact a lawyer right away. In many instances, this charge can carry a much larger punishment than ordinary solicitation or prostitution.

Leasing out the home is only a misdemeanor, but if you're operating or maintaining a dwelling for solicitation, it's a felony that can carry significant punishments.

Transporting Individuals for Prostitution

This example is perhaps the most serious crime you can be involved with regarding prostitution or solicitation. If you're found to be encouraging, enticing, or transporting individuals for prostitution within the state of Michigan boundaries, you can face up to two decades in jail.

Again, if this is a crime you are currently facing allegations for, you need to contact a specialist lawyer immediately. Not doing so may result in a lengthy conviction that impacts the rest of your life.

Protect Your Reputation

Prostitution or solicitation charges carry substantial weight. It's not an item that you want listed on your record. If an employer or landlord looks into your background, a solicitation charge can be a deal breaker.

It's essential to understand the repercussions of serious sex crimes.

Contact the Right Criminal Defense Attorney

Prostitution and solicitation are grave matters in the eyes of Michigan state prosecutors. You should not underestimate the lengths that local courts will go to in order to convict you for prostitution charges.

Choosing a lawyer with trial experience in sex crimes cases is the best way to obtain the expertise you need to receive a not guilty verdict. Our lawyers at O'Keefe Law have been to trial for hundreds of sex crime cases. We have a deep understanding of the law and the techniques prosecutors use to obtain convictions.

We're always willing to have an in-depth discussion with you about your case. Give our office a call, and we can begin developing a trial strategy that has your best interests in mind.

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