While federal and state charges are different, state charges are not easier to fight. Whether you’re facing a minor misdemeanor or a felony, you need exceptional legal representation and advice.

Common State Charges

There are a variety of different state charges that you may face in the state of Michigan. Below, we’ll explore some of the standard criminal charges you may encounter as a resident.


One of the most common forms of state charges is drunk driving. If you’ve been charged with a DUI, we have specialist attorneys that can analyze every part of your case. We take our clients’ success seriously; we leave no rock unturned when assessing DUI cases in the state of Michigan.

Drug Possession

Drug possession is another common criminal charge at the state level in Michigan. While many drug charges fall under national jurisdiction, our firm deals with many state drug charges – from possession to distribution.

Drug charges can severely impact your ability to live a normal life in society. If you want to avoid a lengthy criminal record or jail sentence, it’s essential to use a legal team that has experience with drug-related offenses.


Theft is another major crime that you can be charged with on a state level in Michigan. If you are accused of stealing, the repercussions can be severe depending on the monetary value of the stolen goods.

Whether you’re facing a felony or misdemeanor theft charge, our attorneys have trial experience helping clients with these forms of allegations.


Assault is a significant crime in the state of Michigan and can result in serious criminal charges. If you’re accused of assaulting another individual in the state of Michigan, the consequences can be severe.

There are often minimum punishments in place for individuals convicted of assault. It’s essential to access legal advice as quickly as possible if you’re facing assault allegations from police or prosecutors.

Sexual Crimes

While some sexual crimes are under federal jurisdiction, many sexual assault allegations will be dealt with in state court. Rape, sexual assault, possession of illegal materials, and other forms of sexual crimes are all often dealt with at the state level.


In the rare case that you’re facing murder charges in the state of Michigan, it’s essential that you protect yourself as much as possible.

Michigan does not currently opt for the death penalty in murder trials; however, punishments are still severe and may result in a lifetime behind bars. Make sure to get in touch with our team as quickly as possible if you are suspected of murder.

Choose a Lawyer with Experience

If you want to stand a chance against state crime allegations, it’s essential to choose a lawyer that has vast trial experience in state courts. It’s tough to fight a case if you don’t have a team of experienced trial attorneys on your side.

O’Keefe Law has worked on hundreds of state cases – we can help you win your case. If you’re currently facing allegations of state crimes, please get in contact with a criminal defense attorney from our firm today.

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