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Assault & Battery

Assault and battery charges are some of the most common violent crime allegations in the United States—but this doesn't mean that they aren’t a serious crime. If you're facing assault and battery charges, you need to understand the potential ramifications.

At O'Keefe Law, we value your freedom just as much as you do. We work with clients to help them avoid convictions and harsh jail sentences. Let's explore Michigan assault and battery law in more detail.

Assault & Battery

The legal definitions around assault and battery are a little confusing. Regardless, they're usually lumped into the same category in the courtroom. A battery is a physical act of battering or hitting another person. Striking someone in a physically aggressive manner is considered battery.

On the other hand, assault only requires the person to have a reasonable fear that you're going to batter them.

You don't actually have to physically batter someone to receive an assault charge.

Possible Legal Outcomes

The punishments for assault and battery depend on the severity of the crime and your previous infractions. If you have already been convicted of assault and battery, the punishment you face will be more extensive.

A first-time offender of simple assault and battery may face up to 93 days in jail. If you are found guilty of a more severe battery (such as a grievous bodily harm charge) you may face up to 10 years in prison. Don't gamble with your fate - contact O'Keefe Law no matter what type of assault charge you're facing.

Juvenile Violence

If you have a child or family member that has been accused of assault, you need to contact an attorney right away. Our team of attorneys has expertise in dealing with juvenile violence cases. It's essential to choose a team that understands the differences between juvenile and adult law.

If you work with a lawyer that doesn’t approach your juvenile situation correctly, you may be at risk for a much larger sentence. There's always the chance that prosecutors will attempt to charge your child as an adult, and this can have dire consequences in assault cases.

You can't assume that the legal system will spare your child because he is under the age of 18. In recent years, there has been an increased focus on how harshly the American justice system treats children. And while a lot of attention has been put on this issue, there are still many children that face severe consequences in the courtroom.

Our team will work to ensure that your child is afforded his rights as a juvenile. We'll also put pressure on the prosecutors to prove every aspect of their case. State-appointed attorneys often don't take the time to address the prosecution's burden of proof.

An assault conviction for a child can have life-changing consequences. Spending time in jail as a child can be emotionally and physically damaging; it can seriously harm a child's ability to grow into a mature and functioning adult. It's essential to invest in a legal team that gives your accused child the best chance for a future.

The O'Keefe Law Approach

If you're looking for a team of lawyers that adopts a unique approach to reduce your chances of conviction, O'Keefe Law is the perfect team. At O'Keefe Law, we’ll match you with an experienced criminal defense attorney that understands the complexities of serious violent crimes.

We put the burden of proof back on the prosecutor. Many attorneys fail to understand how essential it is to ensure that the prosecution does their job correctly. We put pressure on the evidence and information provided by the state.

Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive representation you can find. We will leave no stone unturned in the search for you and your family. Our deep understanding of Michigan assault law is what provides us with a foundation to represent you at the highest standard possible.

Protecting Your Criminal Record and Reputation

If you're accused of assault, the consequences can be devastating. While you're probably facing a lengthy jail sentence or hefty fine, there are also some more subtle issues to consider. Violent assault cases often receive local (or even national) media attention.

This has the potential to damage your reputation long into the future. Given that anyone can use Google to search your name, it's very easy to find information about assault charges online. Fighting to save your reputation is very important, and it often involves hiring an attorney that understands your charges.

On top of this, your criminal record will be tarnished if you have a violent assault charge on your file. Employers typically run background checks on prospective employees. Having a violence-related offense on your rap sheet is never a good look.

Don't just think about jail and probation, think about your ability to develop a future. Certain occupations do not admit individuals who have assault convictions.

Choose an Experienced Team of Trial Attorneys

Assault crimes are some of the most serious criminal offenses in the eyes of the modern justice system. If you're facing charges for assaulting someone, you need to take the entire process extremely quickly. Your freedom and reputation are dependent on your ability to adequately defend yourself in court.

Many people make the mistake of choosing a court-appointed attorney to represent them in court. While it may be free, the potential costs of using a public attorney are huge. If you don't receive the type of counsel you need, you may end up with a lengthy jail term and significant financial repercussions.

If you're currently facing criminal assault charges, make sure to get in contact with O'Keefe Law right away. We can discuss your case and provide you with a comprehensive trial plan. It's the best way to get the ball rolling in the right direction!

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