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If you've been accused of kidnapping in Lansing, you may be wondering about the potential repercussions. Kidnapping is a serious offense. In cases, it may even be a capital offense. As soon as you are facing allegations of kidnapping, it's critical that you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney that can help you avoid jail time.

We work with clients facing a broad range of criminal charges. We've helped countless clients in East Lansing and other parts of the region with their court cases. Let's take a look at kidnapping and the various components of this complex criminal charge.

Michigan Kidnapping

Kidnapping laws vary significantly on a state-by-state basis. In Michigan, prosecutors have access to a broad range of actions that can be qualified as kidnapping. Something that you may not consider kidnapping can fall under the Michigan requirements. In many cases, the prosecutors will only need to show that you have 'restrained' someone, coupled with another action.

For example, taking someone out of the state, forcing servitude, asking for ransom, using them as a shield, or engaging in sexual acts with them may all result in the addition of an abduction charge. This means that you may face multiple charges at once.

Kidnapping is often an extra charge that prosecutors can use to enhance your sentence. They may also use it as a fallback option if your charge doesn't stick. Don't let a prosecutor tack extra years onto your sentence using this technique.

Family Disputes

While many people think of kidnapping as the types of cases that make national headlines, there are also different types of family-related kidnapping issues that arise. If a former spouse or partner thinks you have taken the children outside of the amount of time that is legally allowed, they may accuse you of kidnapping. In some cases, a former spouse or partner may even conjure up this type of story to get you in trouble.

While this may seem like a minor crime, it's not. Kidnapping your own children can have serious consequences. If you're found guilty, you may also lose your right to see your children or have involvement in their lives.

Take this type of allegation as seriously as possible. It's the only way to ensure you keep your freedom and your right to see your family.

Possible Outcomes

The primary reason you need to take your kidnapping case seriously is the potential sentences you may incur. As kidnapping is often a capital offense, the charge can result in a life sentence. Keep in mind if you face more than just kidnapping charges, you may also be looking at multiple life sentences.

You also have to remember that a charge like kidnapping carries consequences outside of the legal punishments. If you are convicted, it may leave you ineligible for certain jobs or roles in society—even after you serve your time. Also, your reputation will likely be damaged.

For this reason, it's essential to defend yourself with as much strength as possible. A not guilty verdict is often the best defense in these types of situations. We work with our clients to restore their reputations and avoid jail time.


If you're appealing a kidnapping charge, we're also happy to help you with your case. Sometimes defendants end up in bad situations because of inadequate representation in their original case. We can help you restore justice in the appellate courts.

Verdict: Contact an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

If you want to avoid a lifetime behind bars, it's critical to take your case seriously. Many defendants assume that if they're innocent, the court won't convict them. Unfortunately, there are many innocent members of the public behind bars. We can help you ensure you don't suffer from the same fate.

Our team of experienced criminal defense attorneys understands what it takes to fight your case in a Michigan court. It's not easy to win a case when the state has decided that you're guilty, but with the right defense lawyer, you can have a solid chance of walking free at the end of your trial.

If you get in touch with our team today, we'll begin the process of assessing your case and defending your reputation. It's time to put the power back in your hands - contact O'Keefe Law today to start building your defense

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