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O’Keefe Law is the law firm of Patrick O’Keefe – a Michigan-based trial attorney with vast experience across a broad range of legal fields. If you’re facing criminal allegations, it’s essential to use an attorney that understands Michigan and federal law.

Patrick O’Keefe is one of two Michigan board certified criminal trial specialists. His experience in both the state and federal level provide him with unparalleled expertise in criminal law. If you’re looking for a trial attorney that produces results in the courtroom, you’ve come to the right place.

Areas of Expertise

O’Keefe Law practices in a wide range of legal fields. If you’re looking for a criminal defense attorney that has experience in every criminal field, Patrick O’Keefe’s team is the perfect solution. Below, we’ll explore our firm’s most practiced areas:

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Prosecutorial Experience

One of O’Keefe Law’s primary advantages is our prosecutorial experience. As a former prosecutor, Patrick O’Keefe tried some of the most significant criminal law cases in the state of Michigan.

His experience as a prosecutor provides him with a unique knowledge of the justice system and its pitfalls. He knows what it takes to build a great case – and what it takes to tear one down.

His inside knowledge of prosecution’s strategy allows him to build solid defenses for his clients. Hiring a former prosecutor to defend you in court is one of the best ways to gain an advantage.

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