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Lansing Criminal Defense Attorney Patrick William O’Keefe is arguably one of the best and most experienced criminal defense attorneys in the State of Michigan.

Board Certified

Criminal Defense Attorney Patrick O’Keefe is one of only two board certified criminal trial specialists in the State of Michigan. He is licensed to practice in both state and federal courts in Michigan.

Former Prosecutor

A former prosecutor turned criminal defense attorney, Patrick possesses rare, inside knowledge of what the prosecution is trying to do, and can develop effective strategies to mount a successful defense.



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Board Certified Criminal Trial Specialist through the National Board of Trial Advocacy (visit nblsc.us to find a board certified attorney in your area).

Voted one of the top 100 criminal trial lawyers in Michigan by the National Trial Lawyers

Respected by judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, police officers, and court staff for being one of the best trial attorneys in Michigan.

Hiring a Lawyer? Here Are Some Guidelines to Use in Making Your Decision.

If you are in the market for an attorney, here are some good questions to ask your potential attorney:

1) How much experience do they have in this area of law?

2) What are my chances of success?

3) How many cases have you tried?

Lastly, do not be afraid to discuss the price with your attorney. Next to medicine, the practice of law is one area where you cannot afford to hire the cheapest lawyer on the market.

Criminal Trial Specialists

I specialize in criminal defense and work exclusively in this area of the law. I handle all kinds of criminal matters, ranging from drunk driving to homicide. I have extensive trial experience that is unparalleled by my peers. If you are looking for a lawyer to aggressively defend you, a family member, or a friend in criminal proceedings, contact O’Keefe Law.


Federal Charges

Federal criminal investigations are handled much differently than most state investigations.

Assaultive Crimes

As a board certified criminal trial specialist, Attorney Patrick O’Keefe has over 11 years experience handling these types of cases.

Drug Crimes

Whether you have been charged with paraphernalia, possession, manufacturing/delivery, trafficking, conspiracy, or delivery, having any kind of drug charge on your record can have severe consequences.

DUI – (Operating While Intoxicated)

If you have been charged with an alcohol related driving offense or you are under investigation for such an offense, you need an experienced attorney who specializes in DUI defense.

Sex Crimes

It is important for you to hire an attorney who possesses inside knowledge on how these cases are handled.

Sexual Assualt and Abuse

If you or a loved one were the victim of a sexual abuse or assault, contact Patrick William O’Keefe today to take the first steps toward being heard.

State Charges

If you are charged or suspected of a state crime, attorney Patrick O’Keefe has immeasurable experience as a board certified criminal trial specialist.


In Michigan, if you are convicted of a felony, it can have devastating consequences, including jail or prison time, loss of employment, along with just plain shame and embarrassment.


Attorney Patrick O’Keefe has handled thousands of misdemeanor cases in his 12 year career. He knows that a misdemeanor can have devastating consequences.

Drivers License Restoration

If you have had your license suspended, revoked or denied, Attorney O’Keefe has the ability to win back your privileges.

Expungement (Motion to Set Aside Conviction)

Recently, Michigan expanded its expungement statute to allow for persons with one felony and not more than two misdemeanors to get the one felony removed from their record.

Removal from Sex Offender Registry

Attorney Patrick O’Keefe has researched and handled several cases involving registration on the sex offender registration act (SORA).

Gun Right’s Restoration

Attorney Patrick O’Keefe has successfully handled matters involving concealed pistol licenses (CPL) and restoring people’s rights to possess a firearm.

White Collar Crimes

Attorney Patrick O’Keefe is a skilled tactician when it comes to defending white collar crimes.


Client Brad Kihn talks about his acquittal in sexual assault accusations and the role Patrick O’Keefe played in his defense.

  • Patrick O’Keefe is nothing short of Brilliant. His knowledge and commitment to the law is incredible. Our son found himself falsely accused of CSC and was arrested. As our lives were falling apart, Patrick stepped in and worked tirelessly to defend our son. I didn’t think I could be any further impressed, but the case ultimately went to trial, and Patrick was truly amazing. We felt his dedication throughout the process. His investigation of the facts and evidence was intensely thorough. He was one step ahead of prosecution at every turn. When the not guilty verdict came in, I knew I owed my life and the life of my son to Patrick O’Keefe. There is no one else I would want to be in the courtroom with me. Our family will NEVER forget what you have done for us. Thanks Patrick, you gave us the best Christmas present ever!!
    A Client from Lansing, December 2017

    Our son recently got in some misdemeanor legal trouble. Mr. O’Keefe successfully negotiated a plea, which allowed him to continue with school and not affect his driving or student loans. We are grateful to Mr. O’Keefe for all of his hard work. Our son had not ever been in trouble before and this was out of character for him. A second chance and a lesson learned. Thank you!
    A Client from Ingham County, August 2014

    Patrick, not only did you set my mind at ease, but you followed through and got the results I needed. Thank you for your hard work.
    A Client from Mason, April 2014

    I found Mr. O’Keefe to be confident, professional and efficient in settling the charges I faced without trial. I felt confident he would have handled the trial efficiently.
    A Client from Lansing, November 2014.

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