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    Anonymous, Lansing - June 2019

    “We were extremely grateful to have Patrick O’Keefe as our attorney. Our child was facing serious charges involving possession & distribution of child sexual abusive material. Our child was also at risk of being placed on the sex offender registry. We were a complete mess and this was taking a toll on our entire family. We are so thankful we called Patrick because he knew exactly what to do. He guided us through the entire process, resulting in those charges being dismissed along with our child not having to register as a sex offender. Patrick was professional, caring, dedicated, and confident with everything he did. He gave us a sense of relief, worked hard for our child, and was always available for any questions we had.

    If you have a child who is facing some serious charges, Patrick O’Keefe is the attorney to call. He works well with families and completely understands kids and the challenges they face.

    Patrick, thank you for your hard work, dedication, and giving our child a second chance. We can’t thank you enough for everything you did for our entire family!”
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    Anonymous, Mason - Aug 2018

    “My wife and I reached out to Mr. O’Keefe after I was arrested for misdemeanor DV following a verbal argument. During pre-trial Mr. O’Keefe fought to ensure my rights were protected against a court that had already presumed my guilt. Mr. O’Keefe worked diligently, explaining every step and process to me – answering every question or worry I had, to prove to the prosecution that I was innocent.

    He was able to convince the prosecution of just that. Showing that my wife and I had been involved in solely a verbal argument and that the police had responded with the intention of arresting someone, Mr. O’Keefe got the prosecutor to agree to drop the charges.

    Hopefully, I never need Mr. O’Keefe again, but I can tell you that I wouldn’t call anyone else.”
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    Anonymous, Lansing - Feb 2018

    “I was originally charged with a High BAC DUI, which Mr. O’Keefe was able to get down to an Impaired Driving. In a time of great stress, Mr. O’Keefe not only provided insight regarding my case, but also gave me a sense of relief. When I thought everything was going wrong, Mr. O’Keefe turned things around. I could not have asked for better representation from one of our State’s best lawyers.”
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    Anonymous, Driver's License Restoration - Feb 2018

    “At court yesterday, I spoke to the judge and probation officer, who spoke very highly of you when I told them you were my lawyer. Patrick, I just wanted to tell you how good you were and I’m so glad I had you for my attorney. License or no license you’re awesome, and I’m going to keep your contact info and also recommend you to people. I was so lost at times but you had my back like a good attorney.”
  • testimonial placeholder male

    Brad Kihn - Feb 2018

    “On November 18th 2016 I was arrested at work, handcuffed and thrown into a police car. Upon arriving at the Ionia County Jail I was informed that I was being arrested for 1 count of Criminal Sexual Conduct- 1st Degree and 4 counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct- 2nd Degree. I was also informed the alleged victims were my children. Three days later I was arraigned and was told that due to the charges there would be no possibility for bond. I would await trial in jail. Needless to say, I was experiencing a real life nightmare.

    On the day of my arraignment I was introduced to the attorneys who would be representing me in this case, Patrick O’Keefe and Stephen Milks. My life was now in the hands of two gentlemen whom I had never met before. It wasn’t long before I realized that I was in good hands. After 3 months and 4 attempts, they had successfully got the judge to issue bond and I was out of jail back with my family to await the trial.

    Mr. O’Keefe and Mr. Milks spent the next 11 months meticulously combing through every last detail of my case, knowing that in cases of this nature the odds are stacked against you. Believing in my innocence, they did not allow this to deter their efforts. They worked through the time line of details with a fine tooth comb and uncovered facts and discrepancies of which I was not even aware. After uncovering several problems with the time line and other crucial facts, Mr. O’Keefe and Mr. Milks began tearing apart the prosecution witnesses. The surgical nature in which they attacked my case was inspiring. These two men left no stone unturned when it came to uncovering the truth in this matter. I could see in their eyes that defending my case and finding the truth had become an obsession. They truly cared about me as a client and representing me with nothing but maximum effort.

    When it came to trial Mr. O’Keefe and Mr. Milks attacked the courtroom and the prosecution with no hesitation. They had formed a plan and executed it to perfection. When they spoke everyone in the court room was at attention. The jury hung on every word. They worked articulately and considerately through every phase of the case and left everyone in the courtroom, even the opposition, in awe.

    The only thing that had me more impressed with these two men than their ability as lawyers with the actual case, was how they handled me and my family. Mr. O’Keefe and Mr. Milks made themselves available to me at any time. There was never a time when they said they were too busy to talk with me, on the phone or in person. At no time did they belittle any question or concern I had about even the smallest detail. The compassion and caring they showed for me throughout this horrific experience will be with me for the rest of my life. At times over the fourteen months, these men wore the hat of father, brother, friend and spiritual supporter, and never complained once.

    On January 25th, 2018, I was acquitted of all charges and am now a free man. After 14 months. I am now back with my family and friends and can again plan for my future thanks to Patrick O’Keefe and Stephen Milks. These men have left an impression on me that goes beyond any words. At the darkest hours of my life, I leaned on two strangers who cared for me as if I was one of their own, and for that I am forever grateful. I am now humbled to call these two gentlemen my friends!”
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    Anonymous, Lansing - Dec 2017

    “Patrick O’Keefe is nothing short of Brilliant. His knowledge and commitment to the law is incredible. Our son found himself falsely accused of CSC and was arrested. As our lives were falling apart, Patrick stepped in and worked tirelessly to defend our son. I didn’t think I could be any further impressed, but the case ultimately went to trial, and Patrick was truly amazing. We felt his dedication throughout the process. His investigation of the facts and evidence was intensely thorough. He was one step ahead of prosecution at every turn. When the not guilty verdict came in, I knew I owed my life and the life of my son to Patrick O’Keefe. There is no one else I would want to be in the courtroom with me. Our family will NEVER forget what you have done for us. Thanks Patrick, you gave us the best Christmas present ever!!”
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    Anonymous, Eaton County - Apr 2015

    “I can’t say enough good things about Mr. O’Keefe. I was looking for lawyers regarding a DUI on-line and he called me within hours of requesting information! He was able to schedule an appointment to meet the same day and cover some information on me. I selected him as the lawyer for my case, and even though it was a short notice he was professional, thorough, and extremely supportive of me the entire time. He worked with me and walked me through every step of the way, including preparing me for any future steps of this ordeal. He knew each miniscule piece of information to put my mind at rest, who the judge was and her personality, and freely answered all of my questions.”
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    Anonymous, Lansing - Nov 2014

    “I found Mr. O’Keefe to be confident, professional and efficient in settling the charges I faced without trial. I felt confident he would have handled the trial efficiently.”
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    Anonymous, Mason - Apr 2014

    “Patrick, not only did you set my mind at ease, but you followed through and got the results I needed. Thank you for your hard work.”
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    Anonymous, Ingham County - Aug 2014

    “Our son recently got in some misdemeanor legal trouble. Mr. O’Keefe successfully negotiated a plea, which allowed him to continue with school and not affect his driving or student loans. We are grateful to Mr. O’Keefe for all of his hard work. Our son had not ever been in trouble before and this was out of character for him. A second chance and a lesson learned. Thank you!”
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    Anonymous - May 2014

    “I would recommend Mr. O’Keefe to any of my family or friends without any hesitation. He was not only confident in his abilities, but he provided me with the tools and support in the court room to alleviate the stress of my first offense, and also assisted in getting a shorter probation for me. Again, I can’t put into words how happy I was with my entire experience using Mr. O’Keefe.”
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    Anonymous, Grand Rapids - Jan 2014

    “Pat, every time I’m ready to give up or break, you pull through. You are truly a great attorney and we haven’t even gone to trial yet. You scored a victory today and me and my family thank you. We truly feel blessed to have you in our lives.”
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    Anonymous, Lansing - Sep 2012

    “Thank you again for all the work you have been putting into handling my case.”
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    Anonymous, Lansing - Mar 2015

    “Patrick, you were awesome. I’m so glad I called you.”
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    Attorney Michael Manley, Board Certified Criminal Trial Specialist, Flint, MI - Dec 2014

    “I highly endorse Attorney Patrick O’Keefe. Attorney O’Keefe was one of the best prosecuting attorneys in the state of Michigan. He is an excellent trial lawyer. I am so pleased that Attorney O’Keefe has decided to devote his professional life to doing criminal defense work. He is board certified and does what it takes to provide his clients with the best legal advice. I recommend Attorney O’Keefe to handle any criminal defense matter that may arise.”
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    Anonymous - Aug 2014

    “Mr. O’Keefe provided me with resources and tasks to complete before my arraignment so I was prepared for court. He pushed for an earlier hearing for me so I wasn’t waiting months for my sentencing after my arraignment. He also had recommendations for me on where to do my court ordered community service. While at the court house it seemed like everyone knew Mr. O’Keefe which just showed what his recognition is in the local industry.”
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    Anonymous, Felony DUI Case - May 2014

    “Mr. O’Keefe, I just wanted to thank you again for the brilliant job you did representing him. Nobody could have done it better. There wasn’t anything you could have added or taken away. You did an extremely, extremely fantastic job.”
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    Anonymous, Lansing - Feb 2014

    “Thanks for doing such a great job for me. I really appreciate it and so does my husband.”
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    Anonymous, Lansing - Jan 2014

    “Thank you so much for all you are doing. I never thought I’d be on this end, but I am very thankful you are there with me. Thanks again and see you tomorrow.”
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    Anonymous, Lansing - Sep 2014

    “I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ again for everything you have done for me. I owe you big time. Thanks for everything you did. You got me out of a lot of trouble and did a great job."
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    Anonymous, Mt. Pleasant - Dec 2013

    “Hey sir, just saying hello and that I am so grateful and blessed to have you as a friend.”
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