Going the extra mile

Persistence is Key. I got a call on September 5th from a man out of state. After coming back into the country from an overseas vacation, he is notified by TSA that he has an outstanding felony warrant.

Defending Criminal Sexual Conduct Cases in the age of Survivorship: Why the American Jury System Remains Your Best Hope for Justice.

During a recess in my criminal sexual conduct trial, I overheard a spectator saying she hoped everything that’s gone on at Michigan State University (with the sexual misconduct lawsuits against a former physician), would help convince the jury that my client is guilty.

Choosing an Attorney with a Track Record of Success

A trial is about winning. If you want the best possible outcome for you and your family, you need to use a lawyer that has a long track record of success in Michigan and federal courts. If you're facing criminal charges, get in touch with O'Keefe Law today!