Michigan CDL DUI Attorney

Your commercial driver’s license (CDL) is essential to making a living. Losing a CDL due to driving under the influence can disrupt your livelihood, your family’s quality of life, and possibly your future. If you rely on a CDL for work, then you require an experienced DUI defense attorney for a drunk driving arrest in Lansing.

You want a defense attorney experienced with the unique aspects of CDL DUI cases to avoid losing your CDL and your ability to work. Contact O’Keefe Law today for a free consultation that’s always confidential. Let’s discuss your DUI case and start working to preserve your commercial driving privileges.

The punishments for a DUI committed by a CDL holder in Michigan are exceptionally severe. The Michigan Motor Vehicle Code is especially punitive for commercial drivers allegedly operating under the influence. Commercial drivers face more scrutiny by law enforcement than regular license holders and must therefore exercise more caution. Accordingly, state law specifies a much lower permissible blood alcohol content (BAC) percentage for commercial vehicle operators.

Understanding your limits and your options is essential for commercial drivers. O’Keefe Law is your Lansing resource for DUI criminal defense. Our experience handling CDL legal defense cases is the advantage you want when facing a possible DUI conviction. Contact O’Keefe Law today and prepare for your case with confidence.

CDL Holders Face Stricter DUI Laws

The commercial trucking industry is heavily regulated. Monitoring by state and federal officials ensures the smooth and safe operation of commercial trucking operations. What might be a minor offense for a regular driver can be catastrophic for a CDL operator, causing license revocation and loss of income.

Most people know that the legal limit for BAC in Michigan is 0.08. However, for CDL operators, the legal BAC limit is 0.04 – half that of regular license holders. Furthermore, any CDL operator offense where alcohol is also involved has even more severe consequences. For example, if you are at fault for an accident involving an injury and authorities determine you were driving under the influence, you face possible suspension or loss of your license, just like a DUI conviction.

Other Michigan substance abuse laws that apply exclusively to CDL operators are as follows:

  • Being under the influence of any drug or controlled substance regardless of amount
  • Consuming any amount of alcohol while driving
  • Consuming any amount of alcohol within four hours of driving

Obtaining a CDL in Michigan with a DUI Record

State and federal officials want the roads to remain safe, and state laws involving DUI for CDL operators are especially harsh. However, Michigan laws don’t explicitly forbid a commercial operator with a DUI record from obtaining a CDL, provided you meet all of the state’s requirements. The Michigan Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) may, however, deny a license to any operator thought to be abusing drugs or alcohol.

The DMV does not tolerate lying about your record, which may result in summary denial of your CDL application. Don’t risk your livelihood, your family’s well-being, and your future by lying on a commercial driver’s license application. O’Keefe Law encourages everyone to be honest and forthcoming about their background when applying for a commercial driver’s license.

You can call O’Keefe Law to get the legal advice you need for CDL applications with a previous DUI history. Don’t hesitate to reach out at once for a confidential free consultation and take advantage of our experience representing clients with a DUI record.

Severe Punishments for a CDL DUI

Michigan state laws specify much higher safety standards for commercial drivers than they do for regular driver’s license holders. Having higher standards makes it that much easier to violate the law as a CDL holder, possibly get arrested, and receive a DUI conviction.

Police stops are unnerving for anyone, and in Michigan, you are subject to state law for implied consent during a traffic stop. Implied consent allows law enforcement officials to test for alcohol during a routine traffic stop. If you refuse to take a BAC test, the authorities can immediately suspend your license for 24 hours. Even 24 hours without a license can severely complicate your work schedule, and a DUI arrest can affect your standing with your employer.

If you are a CDL holder, a DUI conviction comes with severe consequences and the considerable risk of losing your livelihood. While each case is different, the consequences of a first time DUI conviction for a CDL holder usually include the following:

  • A fine up to $500 for a first offense
  • Up to 93 days in jail
  • A one-year suspension of your CDL

Additionally, these fines do not reflect the cost of reacquiring your CDL if you forfeit it on a DUI conviction.

The punishment for subsequent DUI convictions for CDL holders are much more severe:

  • A fine up to $1,000
  • A prison sentence
  • Loss of your CDL for up to 10 years

A Lansing DUI Attorney Could Help Retain Your CDL after an Arrest

A DUI conviction is exceptionally hard-hitting if you drive for a living. People often wonder if they can still have a CDL after getting a DUI conviction or if a past DUI conviction can ruin a future commercial driver’s license application. Nothing prevents you from legally obtaining a CDL with a previous DUI conviction, but that can potentially make you an unattractive candidate for a trucking company that’s hiring. If you’re facing a DUI arrest and possible conviction, timing is critical. It’s best to call your Lansing CDL DUI attorney as soon as possible after your arrest.

Don’t wait to get the most qualified legal representation available. You want a criminal defense law firm who specializes in CDL representation to defend these types of cases satisfactorily. If your livelihood and your family’s well-being are on the line because of a DUI arrest, you want an attorney who will find the best way to defend your case. You want an attorney to help you retain your CDL and your commercial driving privileges.

O’Keefe Law is standing by to represent your commercial driver’s license DUI case. Our experience in CDL DUI law is a valuable asset to many clients facing jail time and the loss of their license due to a DUI. An experienced DUI attorney will find any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and build the most robust defense possible. If the police mishandled evidence in your case, the judge could dismiss without a conviction. Contact O’Keefe Law right away to schedule a confidential free consultation at 517-273-0428.