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Illegal Weapons in Michigan

List of Illegal Weapons in Michigan     

Michigan gun laws criminalize the possession of certain weapons, even if you are a law-abiding citizen who has a valid concealed pistol license (CPL). Possessing these illegal weapons can be met with felony charges and serious penalties.

For gun-carrying Michiganders and those who have been accused of possessing illegal weapons, knowing the ins and outs of weapon possession laws in Michigan can be crucial to protecting their rights in and outside the courtroom. With that purpose, the following shares essential information about illegal weapons laws, charges, and defense cases in Michigan.

As helpful as this information is, a 5-star Lansing criminal defense attorney at O’Keefe Law can provide more answers and case-specific advice whenever you need it.

Prohibited Weapons in Michigan

Michigan Penal Code Chapter 750, section 222 lists the following weapons as illegal to own and use in the state, providing definitions for each.

Automatic Weapons

Fully automatic firearms include any weapons that mechanically eject spent cartridges and load the next cartridge from a magazine without having to pull the trigger each time.

While Michigan gun laws do not criminalize the possession of semiautomatic weapons, it is illegal to convert a semiautomatic gun into a fully automatic firearm. It’s also against the law to sell the parts needed to complete that conversion.

Machine Guns

Firearms that can automatically discharge more than 1 shot without having to be manually reloaded by pulling the trigger are considered to be machine guns in the eyes of Michigan law. Some examples include Uzis, Thompson submachine guns, and MAG machine guns.

Short-Barreled Shot Guns

Shotguns are defined as “short-barreled” if they have:

  • One or more barrels 18 inches or shorter in length
  • The overall length of the barrels is less than 26 inches in length

While it’s illegal to own short-barreled shotguns in Michigan, it’s also illegal to modify legal shotguns to make them short-barreled. There are, however, some exceptions provided by federal law.

Short-Barreled Rifles

Similar to illegal shotguns, short-barreled rifles are defined as having:

  • One or more barrels being 16 inches or shorter in length
  • The total length of the barrels being less than 26 inches

Owning short-barreled rifles and modifying legal rifles to make them short-barreled are both against the law in Michigan, with some exceptions stipulated by federal law.

Armor-Piercing Ammunition

This refers to projectiles or projectile cores for pistols that are made of some combination of the following substances (and no others):

  • Tungsten alloys, steel, iron, brass, bronze, or beryllium copper
  • A combination of tungsten alloys, steel, iron, brass, and/or bronze
  • Beryllium copper

Shotgun shots (for hunting), projectiles for target shooting, and certain projectiles used by state police are generally not considered to be armor-piercing ammunition.

If licensed gun dealers are convicted of selling, manufacturing, and/or distributing armor-piercing ammunition, they can have their gun dealer licenses revoked, in addition to other penalties like prison time and fines.

Mufflers & Silencers

These prohibited weapons in Michigan are classified as any device that does at least one of the following:

  • Muffles, silences, or deadens the sound of a firearm being shot
  • Contains a combination of parts, including redesigned and reassembled components, used to fabricate a silencer or muffler

What Are the Charges & Penalties for Prohibited Use of a Weapon in Michigan?

Possession of an illegal weapon in Michigan is a felony that can be publishable by up to:

  • 4 years in prison and/or up to $2,500 in fines offenses related to armor-piercing ammunition
  • 5 years in prison and/or up to $2,500 in fines for other illegal weapon possession offense

As serious as these charges and potential penalties can be, these may be just the start of a criminal case if or when:

  • The illegal weapon was brought to a prohibited place: These places can include casinos, hospitals, places of worship, and weapon-free school zones.
  • The weapon was used to crimes other crimes: The use of a weapon in other crimes, like assaults and robberies, can elevate the level of felony charges involved.
  • Anyone was hurt or injured as part of the alleged weapons offense: Whether an act of criminal negligence or intentional violence is involved, weapons cases get far more complicated and serious when harm to any other(s) individual(s) is allegedly involved.

An Experienced Lansing Criminal Defense Lawyer Is Ready to Help You: Contact O’Keefe Law

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