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Mass Tort Lawsuits

If you or a loved one have suffered harm due to a defective product, environmental disaster, pharmaceutical drug, or another mass incident, you may be entitled to seek justice through a mass tort lawsuit.

O’Keefe Law is here to provide dedicated and expert representation for victims of mass torts.

What Are Mass Tort Lawsuits?

Mass tort lawsuits involve multiple plaintiffs who have suffered similar injuries or damages caused by the actions of one or more defendants.

These cases differ from class action lawsuits in that each plaintiff’s case is handled individually, allowing for a more personalized approach to representation.

Common Mass Tort Cases

Mass tort cases cover various legal actions resulting from widespread harm caused by a common source. Here are some common types:

Defective Products: From everyday items to industrial equipment, defects in design or manufacturing can cause injuries, prompting legal action against manufacturers.

Prescription Drug Injuries: When prescription drugs cause harm due to undisclosed side effects or improper testing, pharmaceutical companies and doctors may be liable.

Large-Scale Catastrophes: Negligence leading to disasters like building collapses or environmental hazards can result in mass tort claims against responsible parties.

Defective Medical Devices: Issues like design flaws in medical devices can lead to severe injuries or deaths, holding manufacturers responsible for product safety.

Comprehensive Legal Support

At O’Keefe Law, we understand the complexities of mass tort litigation. Our experienced team is committed to ensuring that your rights are protected and that you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries or losses.

Personalized Representation

We offer personalized attention to every detail of your mass tort case.

Our deep understanding of mass tort laws and our focus on staying updated with legal developments enable us to build a comprehensive strategy tailored to your specific situation.

Our Approach to Mass Tort Cases

Thorough Investigation: We conduct a detailed investigation into the circumstances leading to your injuries or damages, gathering evidence to support your case.

Expert Coordination: We work with medical experts, industry professionals, and other specialists to strengthen your case and present compelling evidence.

Negotiation and Litigation: Our skilled negotiators engage with defendants and insurance companies to seek maximum compensation. If necessary, we are prepared to take your case to trial and advocate for your rights in court.

Client-Centric Focus

Dealing with the aftermath of a mass tort incident can be overwhelming. O’Keefe Law prioritizes open communication, keeping you informed and empowered throughout the legal process. Your well-being and recovery are our top priorities.



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