Lawsuit Filed Against Michigan State Police


Lawsuit Filed Against Michigan State Police Alleges Discrimination, Retaliation,
and Abuse of Process

Date: 3/15/2024
Location: Lansing, Michigan
For Immediate Release

Lansing, Michigan – 3/15/2024 – O’Keefe Law, PLLC, in conjunction with the Harkness
Law Firm, PLLC, representing the Plaintiff, Trooper Parker Surbrook, has filed a lawsuit
against the Michigan State Police (MSP), alleging a pattern of discrimination, retaliation,
and abuse of process. The lawsuit outlines a series of troubling incidents that the
plaintiff, a trooper with the MSP, endured over the past several years.

The lawsuit alleges that the plaintiff was subjected to discrimination on the basis of race
and sex, as well as retaliation, in violation of the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act.
According to the lawsuit, Trooper Surbrook, who has served with the MSP for nearly
twelve years, was unfairly targeted and mistreated by MSP officials following an incident
in November 2020.

Despite following MSP protocols, the plaintiff was subjected to
disciplinary action and criminal charges, which ultimately resulted in his acquittal.
The lawsuit seeks damages for lost wages, compensatory damages, punitive damages,
and legal fees, among other relief. It also calls for top MSP officials to be held
accountable for their actions and for reforms to prevent future discrimination and
retaliation by the those in MSP’s highest positions of authority.

“This lawsuit highlights the pervasive discrimination and retaliation that continues to
exist within the Michigan State Police,” said Attorney Patrick O’Keefe, lead attorney for
the plaintiff. “My client has endured significant harm as a result of the actions of top

MSP officials, and we are committed to seeking justice on Trooper Surbrook’s behalf.
Police officers like Trooper Surbrook must be permitted to faithfully execute their duties
in protecting the public from the most violent offenders without fear of prosecution or
being made a political sacrifice by MSP command.”

The plaintiff and their legal team are prepared to vigorously pursue this case and hold
MSP officials accountable for their actions.

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Patrick O’Keefe

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