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Federal Sex Crimes

If you’ve been accused of a federal sex crime, chances are you’re still a bit in shock and confused about what happens next. Federal sex crime charges usually result when a sex crime involves extreme violence, children, or was carried out in multiple states.

Sex crimes are a particularly sensitive allegation. If you are accused of a federal sex crime, it's important to understand the potential ramifications of a conviction—but it’s even more important to seek a qualified defense attorney. Unfortunately, federal charges are a whole new ballgame -- you'll need the right attorney if you want to stand a chance against the US Government's team of lawyers.Below, we'll take a more in-depth look at federal sex crimes and provide you with some information that can help you prepare yourself for court.

Potential Federal Sex Crimes

While many crimes that fall under federal jurisdiction involve crimes that cross-state lines or occur on federal land, sex crimes are a bit different. Some situations with the potential to result in federal charges include:

Sex Trafficking of Children by Force

As you may assume, child sex trafficking is a grave allegation that can carry severe penalties. The age and number of children involved will affect sentencing, but you may face up to 20 years in prison if you are convicted of this offense.

Transportation of Obscene Materials

This charge often stems from materials—film, print, or otherwise—that depict violent or abusive pornography. The US Government takes the transportation of obscene materials seriously. You may face up to five years in prison if you are successfully convicted.

Aggravated Sexual Abuse

Aggravated sexual abuse involves charges where circumstances have rendered the abuse more heinous. This could include something like the use of a weapon, or the victim being related to you. If you face charges of aggravated sexual abuse, you'll need a good lawyer to help you defend yourself—your prison sentence could be over 30 years.

Other Potential Federal Crimes

As you can see, the above crimes carry severe penalties and result in lengthy jail terms, but they're not the only sexual crimes that you can be charged with in federal court. While this isn’t an all-inclusive list, some other potential federal sex crimes include:

  • Coercion
  • Enticement
  • Selling Obscene Matter
  • Selling Children
  • Buying Children
  • Forceful transportation of minors

Sex Offender's Registry

The jail sentences for federal sex crimes are often lengthy, but a sex crime conviction can impact your life after you're freed from prison too. The sex offender's registry is a list of sex offenders throughout the country. If you're convicted of a federal sex crime, you will most likely be placed on this list for the rest of your life.

This will mean that members of the public can find your name and address via the sex offender registry. In most cases, it will likely have the details of the crime that you've committed. This can be devastating if you're trying to integrate back into society.

As a registered sex offender, you may also be restricted in terms of living locations. There are often laws in place that will prevent you from living within a certain distance of a school, for example. This may persist for the rest of your life if you're unable to overturn your conviction.

If you want to avoid a life sentence on the sex offender's list, it's essential to use a team of attorneys that can successfully fight your case in court. Not only are you fighting to stay out of jail, but you're also fighting to ensure you don't destroy your reputation in your local community.


Verdict: Choose Experience

If you're trying to win a case in a federal court, it's essential to choose a team with considerable experience. At O'Keefe Law, we have plenty of unique advantages that make us the best choice in East Lansing and the surrounding area.

Patrick O'Keefe used to practice as a state prosecutor. This experience has provided him with the ability to understand the methods and tactics used by prosecutors. If you want to work with someone that has legitimate experience fighting cases from the state's perspective, O'Keefe Law is an excellent choice.

Remember, if you are charged with a federal sex crime, you have to use an attorney that has experience in federal court. Don’t underestimate the differences between the court systems.

If you're in East Lansing or the surrounding region, our offices are incredibly close. Give us a call today, and we can arrange a time for you to come and discuss your case. The quicker you deal with this problem, the better your chances of walking free.

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