There are several different types of drug crimes that you can be charged with in the state of Michigan. Whether you have been charged with paraphernalia, possession, manufacturing/delivery, trafficking, conspiracy, or delivery, having any kind of drug charge on your record can have severe consequences. I am dedicated to fighting for and ensuring the best possible outcome for you and your case.

Types of Drug Crimes

Possession of Controlled Substances

Each possession case is different depending on the type of drug involved and the amount. You may have been charged with either a simple possession or with possession with intent to deliver/distribute. The consequences you face are based on the different kinds of drugs you were caught with. Due to Michigan sentencing guidelines, the consequences for possession/distribution of Methamphetamine or Ecstasy carries stiffer penalties than for possession/distribution of cocaine or heroin.

    Schedule I Substance Examples:

  • Ecstasy (MDMA/Molly)
  • LSD
  • Heroin
  • GHB
  • Marijuana
    Schedule II Substance Examples:

  • Cocaine
  • Opium
  • Oxycodone
  • Methadone
  • Methamphetamines
    Schedule III Substance Examples:

  • Ketamine
  • Morphine
  • Hydrocodone
    • Schedule IV Substance Examples:
  • Valium
  • Rohypnol

The consequences for any of these substances can vary anywhere from 1 year to life in prison and fines from $2,000- 1 million dollars.

Manufacturing/ Delivery

You can be charged with drug manufacturing or delivery if you are involved with any step of the production or delivery process of an illegal drug. Even though these crimes are treated differently in different states, you will ultimately be facing fines and possible prison time.

Trafficking vs. Possession with Intent to Deliver

Trafficking of illegal drugs is more of a federal crime. In the State of Michigan, state crimes proscribing the distribution of illegal drugs is based upon the amount—the higher the amount, the greater the penalties.

Federal drug crimes typically involve conspiracies (i.e., when two or more persons are acting in concert), or involve some aspect of interstate commerce (i.e., drugs being trafficked across state lines or possession of a firearm that was manufactured in another state and transported or sold across state lines.

In Michigan, the crime of Delivery or Possession With Intent to Deliver is a felony. For Marijuana, it carries up to 4 years in Prison. For cocaine / heroin / methamphetamine / oxycodone / ecstacy, it carries up to 20 years in prison.

Case Results

Client facing 6 major felony drug charges receives only one conviction and a mere 75 days in jail. O’Keefe Law got three felony convictions dismissed after successfully arguing a motion to suppression on the grounds of illegal search and seizure.

O’Keefe gets Client’s felony drug charge DISMISSED. Client is given a misdemeanor, no jail, 6 months probation, and a chance to have the misdemeanor dismissed at the end of probation. -October 2014

Operating with Presence of Controlled Substance charge – Teenage Client receives probation, no jail, no license suspension/restriction, and opportunity to get possession of marijuana charge dismissed. Client maintains spotless record. – July 2014

Minor in Possession – charge DISMISSED; client receives fine; no jail; no probation; Keeps spotless record. – April 2014

Attorney Patrick O’Keefe has handled thousands of drug cases in his 12 year career. A former prosecutor, he has inside knowledge of how the process works.

Many persons who are charged with these types of offenses—state or federal—often have substance abuse problems. Attorney O’Keefe is committed to helping people with substance abuse problems find help, rather than having them face jail time.

Mr. O’Keefe also understands that the key to a successful defense is strong communication with the client and with the prosecutor.